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Dear basketball lovers,

Thank you for your support this year! We are looking forward to meeting you in July 2017 again!

Champions Camp Team

Our philosophy and founding priciples


In everything we do, we keep people as a center of our attention and main focus of our work. Our actions are pointed towards creating an environment that everybody can benefit from – the participants, the employees and the public.

RESPECT and fairness

For the elder, the peers and the youth. For others and ourselves. For those who teach and those who are being taught. We treat everyone fairly and with dignity.


We are always striving for the best. Because if we do everything we can possibly do, there can’t be any regrets.


We understand and master the basics before moving onto the advanced. We keep them live and foster them every day.


It is the key to the world and an asset that can’t be taken away from anyone who has it. We create an environment where people can learn.


Everything can be improved. We are constantly trying to make ourselves and our work better. Stagnation is a way to destruction.


Anybody can come. We are all from different places, environments and cultures. We have a lot in common and see our differences as an opportunity.


We keep our word. 


Date: 2. 7. 2016

Price: 54 EUR (1495 CZK)/ 4 EUR (95 CZK) Insurance

Capacity: 30 players

Champions Shooting Academy is an intensive one day event dedicated to shooting technique development.

At the beginning, we will divide up all the 30 participants into two teams. One of them will spend the morning session with Michael Holton and the afternoon session with Mike Sanders. The other team will have an opposite schedule. We will shoot a video of each participant's shooting style in the opening session and evaluate it after lunch at the monitors. Every player will receive an individual player report with tips for improvement at the end of the day.

The price of Champions Shooting Academy includes basketball program, lunch, snack, dinner, sport drinks, night in hotel Sport from Saturday to Sunday and a breakfast.



Dates: 3. 7. 2016 till 8. 7. 2016

Price including accommodation: 262 EUR (6995 CZK)/ 15 EUR (395 CZK) Insurance

Price without accommodation: 189 EUR (4995 CZK)/ 15 EUR (395 CZK) Insurance

2016 will be the sixth year of Champions Camp for boys and girls between the ages 10 and 18. This summer, we are featuring two American NBA experienced head coaches - Michael Holton of Portland Trail Blazers and Mike Sanders, recent assistant coach of Utah Jazz. Experienced active players of various European leagues will serve as our team coaches. You will also meet highly acredited specialists from other sport disciplines. 

The very intesive daily program starts at 7 AM and runs till 10 PM. We divide all the players according to their age and skill level into teams of 12. Each of the teams is led by a team coach through the whole program of the camp. Their role is to assist the American coaches in leading practices, lead the team in games, be responsible for each kid during down time and to always be there for his or hers players to help.

Each player will spend at least 3 hours on the court at a station of either head coach. Our program also features athletic and agility training, balance excercises, team games and summer team league. We will analyze the technique of the best world players in our video room, we will let the Americans to tell our their NBA stories and we will watch a basketball movie in a cinema. At the end of the week each camper will receive a report summarizing their camp records, evaluating their skills, suggestions for improvement and a signed photo with both Americans.

All the participants are under our supervision 24 hours a day, medical staff is available non stop. Accommodation and 6 meals a day are secured in a 3 star Hotel Sport. 

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Dates: 8. 7. 2016 till 9. 7. 2016

Price: 54 EUR (1495 CZK)/ 4 EUR (95 CZK) Insurance

Capacity: 30 players

Champions Camp Extra is our final one day event with a limited capacity that begins right after the closing ceremony of Champions Camp. Our main goal is to focus on skills gained during the week and to take a closer look at them in smaller groups. Michael Holton and Mike Sanders will lead maximally 15 players at a time at their stations. 

Similarly to CCA, 30 participants will be split into two teams at the beginning of the event, each player will experience a practice session with each of the coaches. At the very end, both Americans will take a part in a game with all the campers.

The price includes basketball practices, a night in Hotel Sport from Friday to Saturday, a breakfast, two snacks, a lunch and sports drinks.


Michael Holton


  • 6 seasons in the NBA: Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Hornets
  • 13 seasons as a coach in NCAA Division 1
  • Created and implemented a player etiquette program gaining national awarness
  • Leads Michael Holton Basketball Academy with a focus on child development on and off the court
  • Currently works as a TV analyst and studio expert for Portland Trail Blazers
  • 7th year in the Czech Republic

Mike Sanders


  • UCLA graduate, drafted as number 74 in 1982
  • 11 seasons in the NBA. Played for San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers
  • 15 seasons of experience as a head coach or an assistant coach
  • Assistant coach in Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats and most recently Utah Jazz, where he coached besides others Raja Bell, Richard Jefferson and Rudy Gobert
  • Lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he works as a community center director of sport programs
  • This is his first trip to the Czech Republic




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